Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VAMC

Research and Development


Investigator Packet

K. Sue Haddock, Ph.D, ACOS/R&D
Office: 803.776.4000, ext. 6670
Fax: 803.695-6829
E-mail: kathlyn.haddock@va.gov

Lawrence Peck, Administrative Officer
 Office: 803.776.4000, ext. 6632
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: Lawrence.Peck@va.gov

Angela Hitch, IRB Administrator
 Office: 803.776.4000, ext. 6005
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: angela.hitch@va.gov

Gloria Goodwyn, Budget Assistant
 Office: 803.776.4000, 6773
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: Gloria.Goodwyn@va.gov

Rafael Fernandez, Program Assistant
 Office: 803.695-6825
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: rafael.fernandez3@va.gov

Trina Boyce, Research Compliance Officer
 Office: 803.776.4000, 4036
 Fax: 803.685-6829
 E-mail: trina.boyce@va.gov

Rodney R. Reid, MD, Chair, R&D Committee
 Office: 803.695.6811
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: rodney.reid@va.gov

Augustine Agocha, MD, Chair, IRB
 Office: 803.776.4000, 6622
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: augustine.agocha2@va.gov

Xiaming Yang, PhD, Chair, IACUC
 Office: 803.776.4000, 5599
 Fax: 803.695.6829
 E-mail: xiaming.yang@va.gov

Jeffrey K. Brown, Chair, Safety
 Office: 803.776.4000, 6047
 Fax: 803.695-6829
 E-mail: jeff.brown2@va.gov

Herman W. Watson, Investigational Research Pharmacist
 Office: 803.776.4000, 7239
 Fax: 803.695-6820
 E-mail: herman.watson@va.gov


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